Our story is made of the life chapters of the impoverished who hear about Jesus, the brokenhearted who receive healing and the captives who are now set free.

Providing for hundreds of individuals daily creates constant ministry needs. Please check back to this page often to see how you or someone you know can help us meet these needs.

We are currently in need of:

  • An all-terrain farm utility vehicle, like a Mule™, with a cargo area for Foundry Farm
  • A golf cart
  • Two 15-passenger vans
  • Fresh produce for our weekly produce pantry deliveries to the impoverished in our community
  • Easy-to-open and prepare snack portions of foods for our Pack-a-Snack program. We currently provides individually packaged food to approximately 200 children so they will have food during the summer and on weekends when they do not have access to consistent meals.

Please contact us at development@foundryministries.com for questions or to donate the above items or financial gifts.